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We are not just a creative firm that loves great creative–we are a group of smart, business-minded people who are all about breaking through the clutter, getting noticed and driving revenue. The results: happy marketing, happy sales and very happy CEOs and CFOs. Sound intriguing? Spend some time on our site and then contact us when you are ready. We look forward to it. 

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From Thinking

5 Keys to Get Sales to Do What You Want

When setting sales goals and implementing sales incentive programs, there are strategic steps that must be taken to get the sales team to succeed. Visit our hot topics section where you'll learn these 5 steps.

From Agency

North Star Chosen to Develop WOWorks Campaign for Deltek

Deltek, a Heredon, VA based leading enterprise software and network solutions provider has chosen North Star Marketing to utilize their proprietary 7-step WOWorks process to target its most sought after prospects. Click here to read more. 

From Work

Helping Make a Brand Better

With a solid reputation and expansion plans in mind, South County Orthopedics approached North Star in 2012 in need of a marketing plan and a partner. 
Read more.