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North Star Marketing
Passion for a greater purpose.

Our team is driven every day by our vision to make marketing work for sales in a way that drives revenue up for sales.make marketing accessible to small to mid-size businesses with a singular focus of amplifying and stimulating economic growth. Sound like a lofty goal? Not when you have a team of people who decide coming to work should matter; that coming to work should impact those around us. When you have a team of people who care just as much about their own bottom line as they do about others’ bottom lines, you have a team that will impact small to mid-size businesses like no other marketing firm out there. How do we do it? By redefining marketing.

Marketing Redefined.
North Star Marketing’s Revenue Acceleration Programs combine the art and science of marketing like nothing that has been available to small to mid-size businesses before. Gone are the days of not knowing what part of your marketing is working. Gone are the days of not being able to measure and see the ROI of marketing. Gone are the days of sales and marketing not working together. Gone are the days where marketing is not seen as the way to help sales sell more – period. Experience marketing redefined. Experience North Star Marketing.

The Latest

From Thinking

North Star Launches Revenue Reaction™

Combining art and science to create the modern chemistry of marketing, we are excited to unveil a new and improved North Star Marketing. The new North Star Marketing sets the tone for an exclusive breed of marketing agency, one that expertly melds the art and science of marketing to achieve a precise chemistry for each client.

From Agency

NSM Announces Apprenticeship Program in Celebration of National Apprenticeship Week

NSM launches its Apprenticeship Program designed to equip recent grads with the skills and experience required to succeed in today’s ever-evolving, revenue-driven marketing landscape. 

From Work

NSM Chosen to Develop Campaign for PEP

Precision Engineered Products (PEP), a leading OEM and contract manufacturer, has chosen North Star Marketing to develop a targeted campaign that incorporates predictive analytics, technology and a precise mix of tactics.